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  Research Analyst - Strategy and corporate finance | McKinsey & Company
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Required 1-3 years of relevant experience related to the financial sector, professional experience in business analysis and information retrieval
Finance / economics university degree with a high GPA
Knowledge of the Russian / CIS finance markets
Excellent business judgment, and understanding of basic economic and financial concepts and terminology
Financial data and knowledge collection, analysis and synthesis skills
Strong conceptual abilities, analytical mindset, and strong numerical skills
Excellent communication skills
Fluency in English
Intellectual curiosity and an investigative mind

In this role you will be a part of McKinsey’s Knowledge Network, unique among consulting firms. We work with McKinsey consulting teams across the globe to help derive insights from market information and create foundations for sound recommendations for client and internal projects.

As an industry expert, you will support office leadership in developing Strategy and Corporate Finance topics for Russian clients: develop new knowledge, participate in projects and codify project materials.

You will perform a wide range of research tasks, from supporting engagements teams with industry data, knowledge and expertise to updating McKinsey proprietary models and tools for the region and developing perspectives on a variety of topics relevant to the clients. Maintain knowledge and office perspective on macroeconomic situation to inform strategic discussions; be the go-to expert on complex macroeconomic questions. Support variety of industries on private equity type of projects (often niche topics not covered by our industry experts e.g. cinema, air filtering systems).

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Часовой пояс: UTC + 3 часа [ Летнее время ]

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